A book report on carrie by stephen king

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A book report on carrie by stephen king

Her widowed mother, Margaret A book report on carrie by stephen king, a fanatical fundamentalist Christian, has a vindictive and unstable personality, and over the years has ruled Carrie harshly with repeated threats of damnation, as well as physical abuse and forced confinement in a closet. Carrie does not fare much better at her school where her frumpy looks and unusual religious beliefs make her a target for ridicule.

At the beginning of the novel, Carrie has her first period while showering after a physical education class; the terrified Carrie has no understanding of menstruation as her mother never told her about it. Her classmates use the event as yet another opportunity to taunt her; led by a wealthy, popular girl named Chris Hargensen, they throw tampons and sanitary napkins at her.

When their teacher, Rita Desjardinhappens upon the scene, she at first berates Carrie for her stupidity but is horrified when she realizes Carrie's complete ignorance of the concept of menstruation. She helps her clean up and tries to explain. Carrie's mother shows no sympathy for her first encounter with what she calls "the woman's curse" and responds with more physical abuse.

Desjardin, still incensed over the locker room incident and ashamed at her initial disgust with Carrie, wants all the girls who taunted and assaulted Carrie to be suspended and banned from attending the school prom.

Instead, the administration punishes the girls by giving them a week's detention, under Desjardin's supervision; the penalty for skipping this detention would be suspension and exclusion from the prom, and this punishment is given to Chris when she refuses to appear for detention, believing what she did to Carrie to be justified.

She tries unsuccessfully to get her father, a prominent local attorney, to intimidate the school principal, Henry Grayle, into reinstating her privileges, but Grayle holds firm, threatening to file a countersuit against Chris on behalf of Carrie White.

Chris, a longtime bully and troublemaker who had received frequent detentions for bullying and other infractions, and had been suspended in middle school for putting a lit firecracker in the shoe of a classmate who had a harelip, nearly costing the girl two toes, vows revenge.

As Carrie discovers her telekinetic powers, she recalls how they had surfaced throughout her life. She practices her powers in secret, developing them.

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She also finds that she has some telepathic ability. Meanwhile, Sue Snellanother popular girl who had earlier teased Carrie, begins to feel remorseful about her participation in the locker-room bullying. With the prom fast approaching, Sue convinces her boyfriend—Tommy Ross, one of the most popular boys in school—to ask Carrie to the prom.

Carrie is suspicious, but accepts his offer. When Chris hears of this, she sees an opening for vengeance. She quietly promotes Tommy and Carrie as King and Queen of the Prom, then gets her boyfriend, Billy Nolan, an older teen from a financially struggling, dysfunctional family, and his friends to kill and bleed pigs belonging to a local farmer in his and his hired hand's absence.

Billy breaks into the school in the wee hours of the morning, places two buckets of blood from the pigs on a girder directly over the stage, and rigs a cord and pulleys to an auditorium window so that pulling the cord will dump the blood on whoever is sitting on the thrones.

As he leaves, he realizes that he is becoming disillusioned with Chris.

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Carrie makes a red velvet gown for the prom, infuriating her mother, who hates the color red and won't hear of her daughter doing anything so "carnal" as attending a school dance, as she believes that sex in any form is sinful—even after marriage. She also reveals that she knows about Carrie's telekinetic power, which she considers to be witchcraft.

In their family, she says, the power manifests in alternate generations. Carrie, however, is tired of hearing that everything is a sin: The prom initially goes well for Carrie: Tommy's friends are welcoming, and Tommy finds that he is attracted to her.

Chris's efforts to rig Carrie's election as prom queen become successful when Tommy, innocently, votes for her.

A book report on carrie by stephen king

Chris is waiting outside with Billy, who refuses to have anything more to do with the scheme. When Carrie and Tommy take the stage, Chris pulls the cord and dumps the blood onto Carrie's and Tommy's heads.

Tommy is knocked unconscious by one of the buckets and dies within minutes; both he and Carrie are drenched in blood. Nearly everyone in attendance, even some of the teachers, laugh at Carrie, who is finally pushed over the edge.

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She leaves the building in humiliation. Remembering her telekinetic ability, she decides to use it for vengeance against her tormentors. First, she slams the doors leading to the gym from the lobby hard enough to break the pneumatic door closers and holds the doors tightly closed against the pressure of panicky students attempting to escape.

Then, she turns on the sprinkler system in the gym. When the singer of the rock band hired for the occasion takes hold of a microphone to address the crowd, he is immediately electrocuted; observing this through a window in the gym doors, Carrie goes berserk, telekinetically causing the circuit box backstage to explode, setting fire to the scenery and other flammable material nearby and then the gym.

She also causes the electric cables strewn upon the stage to leap into the air; one snaps in two and a severed end of the cable falls into a puddle of water in which another girl, Rhonda Simard, is standing, electrocuting her as well.

The fire in the gym, raging out of control, eventually ignites fuel tanks in the gym, causing a massive explosion that destroys the school. Taking a circuitous route home through town, Carrie unleashes a powerful wave of telekinetic destruction on the rest of Chamberlain.

After opening the fire hydrants around the school to thwart efforts to fight the fire, she breaks the locks on the fuel pumps at a nearby service station and sends gasoline pouring into the street, where it is ignited by a discarded cigarette, resulting in a fiery explosion.

She does the same at another gas station; then opens a gas main, resulting in an even more massive explosion; then pulls down high-tension power lines onto a crowd of people. As she does all this, she broadcasts a telepathic message, making the townspeople aware that the carnage was caused by her, even if they do not know who she is.

Carrie returns home to confront her mother, who believes Carrie has been possessed by Satanand that the only way to save her is to kill her.

Carrie's mother tells her that her conception was a result of what may have been marital rape.Jul 22,  · This is my review on the book Carrie by Stephen King.

Publication Date: Genre: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy Plot: The story follows a teenage girl named Carrie While, who is . Book Reports Research paper: Carrie Stephen King The main characters in this story are Carrie,her mom(feelthefish.com),and Chris Hargenson.

Carrie is a very shy and nieve feelthefish.com is mad fun of often by the other girls research paper. How Carrie changed Stephen King's life, and began a generation of horror King recounts in On Writing, and the book might never have seen the light of publication if it were not for his wife.

A book report on carrie by stephen king

Carrietta N. White best known as Carrie White, is the titular protagonist of Stephen King's first horror novel Carrie, published in In the story, Carrie is a friend of Sue Snell in the TV film that's a remake of the film, a girlfriend of Tommy Ross, a girl who was confronted by. out of 5 stars Carrie was the first Sephen King novel published and has become a beloved book in the vast corpus of the Maine master of horror October 16, /5().

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