Anne swain phd thesis

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Anne swain phd thesis

The chemicals that were implicated included the naturally occurring salicylates in food as well as artificially added preservatives and colourings. As a result of the favourable findings reported by Warin and Smith Dr. Clancy decided to investigate dietary management as an alternative, and approached Ms.

Hosking Head Therapeutic Dietitian in order to develop a suitable elimination diet. Under the guidance of Ms. In Michaelsson and Juhlin reported 52 patients who were challenged with aspirin, sodium benzoate, 4-OH benzoic acid, and three azo dyes tartrazine, sunset yellow and new coccine.

Of these, thirty five reacted to aspirin, twenty seven to benzoic acid compounds and twenty seven to azo dyes. Seventy-five percent of the patients studied by Warin and Smith became either asymptomatic or improved after being on an appropriate diet for a two-month period.

This improvement was similar to the results obtained by Michaelsson and Juhlin and Doeglas InRos et al. This approach had the dual advantage that patients would be able to discontinue antihistamines, which might otherwise mask challenge reactions, as well as reducing background symptoms from substances included in a normal diet which might otherwise produce false positive results.

We began with a diet based mainly on the elimination diets of Rowe, ShelleyFeingold and Warin designed to exclude the common food "allergens" as well as salicylates, preservatives and azo-dyes, but clinical experience with our first two patients suggested that this information was inadequate.

Since pineapple and pears were the only fruits allowed, both patients consumed large amounts of pineapple juice and fresh pineapple, and detailed review of the literature revealed that, where available, analytical data on the content of salicylates and benzoates occurring naturally in foods was incomplete, scattered, and sometimes contradictory Table 2.

It was therefore decided to underly eaten foods under the supervision of Professor A. Clancy left RPAH inand clinical evaluation of patients undergoing dietary elimination and challenge testing continued with Professor A.

By the Allergy Clinic at RPAH had become well known for its interest in food intolerance, and many patients were therefore referred with a variety of clinical problems, which they suspected might be attributable to dietary factors.

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These included migraine, irritable bowel syndrome IBSasthma and eczema, as well as patients who experienced symptoms referable to multiple organ systems, often together with vague constitutional symptoms suggestive of psychoneurosis. This latter group of patients was designated as having "systemic" symptoms.

Soutter, also began attending the Clinic inand a significant number of "hyperactive" children have undergone dietary evaluation since then.

At the same time the range of challenge substances was extended, and starch and sucrose were introduced as placebos in place of lactose, which was sometimes found to provoke abdominal symptoms.

Since many of these additional symptoms were of a subjective nature the challenge protocol was made "double-blind", with numbered challenge capsules administered in an arbitrary order.


Observations about the range of food chemical implicated, the symptoms provoked on challenge and the clinical behaviour of reactions provided valuable clues as to the underlying mechanisms of adverse food reactions.

Adverse reactions to foods. Release of histamine in histamine pigmentosa. A review of patients. Professional Books, Jackson, Tennessee. Reactions to aspirin and food additives in patients with chronic urticaria, including the physical urticarias.

Dietary treatment of patients with chronic urticaria and intolerance to aspirin and food additives. Recognition of food additives as a cause of symptoms of allergy. Why your child is hyperactive.

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Random House, New York. An Australian exclusion diet. Management of chronic idiopathic urticaria by the identification and exclusion of dietary factors.

Preliminary report on tyramine headache. Mittheiling uber ein Fall von Nebenwirkung des Aspirin. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, The effect of aspirin. Clinical investigation of patents. Reactions to hidden agents in foods, beverages and drugs.

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Urticaria induced by preservatives and dye additives in food and drugs. Effects of salicylates in urticaria. A follow-up study of patients with recurrent urticaria and hypersensitivity to aspirin, benzoates and azo dyes.Esl thesis statement editor for hire usa · satire essay tips · creative essay editor websites · amvets essay contest · purdue essay application topics · custom dissertation chapter editing sites for masters · custom biography proofreading service ca · anne swain phd thesis · destruction of natural resources.

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Anne swain phd thesis

Student Research. The role of natural salicylates in food intolerance. by Anne R Swain Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), The University of Sydney Supervisors: A.

Anne swain phd thesis

Stewart Truswell, Robert Loblay February Full Text - PDF (8, KB) Abstract from PhD thesis. Loblay, R.H. and Swain, A.R. (in press): Food Intolerance.

In Dietitians Association of Australia Handbook Number Six, Dietitian's Reference - . Loblay, R.H. and Swain, A.R. (in press): Food Intolerance. In Dietitians Association of Australia Handbook Number Six, Dietitian's Reference - Principles of Dietary Management.

Anne Swain Phd Thesis