Cracking the glass essay

Inthe Glass Ceiling Commission released its first report and found that only 5 percent of the senior-level managers in Fortune companies are women. This report identified three barriers to the advancement of women and minorities: Societal barriers exist that are likely outside the control of business. Internal structural barriers are present that are under the direct control of business, including recruitment policies and corporate cultures.

Cracking the glass essay

An Essay How does playing with racial identity reinforce contemporary minstrelsy? When divorced from actual black bodies, historical markers of black embodiment—from supposed sexual prowess, to proficiency in sports, to full lips and curvy figures, and other markers—are often viewed as fun, playful ways for non-blacks to change their appearance or to take on a new identity.

When the trappings of blackness imply the possibility of being cool, sexy, and authentic even if for a small moment in time. Viewing, consuming, enjoying, and profiting from black bodies in pain has been an American pursuit from the days of black-face minstrelsy. Blackness in whiteface is playtime, an American sport.

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And when she is tired of the experiment charade—or when it is no longer lucrative—she can go back to living as she had before. Blackness as a commodity that non-blacks can use to play dress up and escape their own dull reality is not just a twenty-first-century phenomenon.

This history moves from public rapes, beatings, and lynchings to the gladiatorial arenas of basketball and boxing. At the same time, the desire to embody Cracking the glass essay appropriate blackness also has a dangerous underbelly. Louis and more like he is hunting big game on the African savanna.

Maybe for him and others like him, there is little difference.

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Recognizing and embracing blackness in popular culture is not necessarily problematic in and of itself. It is the cavalierness with which blackness and, by extension, black people are treated that is the problem; when we play with people and their culture as if they are discardable objects, in fashion for a time and then out of fashion the next.

Take for instance the figures of the sambo, the uncle, and the mammy, popularized in the first half of the nineteenth century. This mythological trio of the lazy but lovable shirker, the benign patriarch, and the fat, jolly matriarch were perfect for an antebellum America intent on depicting slavery as a benevolent, albeit peculiar, institution that rehabilitated savages and enabled them to be what God intended: And although at their very heart this figures represented chattel that had as much legal right and standing as a glass pitcher, a chandelier, or a cow, they were often illustrated as playful or at play.

For example, despite being a servant for life, the sambo is frequently depicted as a lovable slouch that loves naps and gets into hijinks because of his desire to cut corners and play rather than work.

The mammy is devoted to cooking and cleaning for her white family, enabling the leisure of the people who owned her without complaint. After a hard won emancipation, led by decades of agitation by free and enslaved blacks and a cohort of liberal and radical whites, these figures remained but stood alongside newer, more sinister depictions of blacks, such as the hyper-sexualized black buck and jezebel, that underscored the fear of newly empowered free blacks.

These depictions of black folk have become engrained into the very psyche of American culture Because of this contentious history, the notion of blacks embracing play has been a fraught one.

In the late nineteenth century, respectability politics arose as an antidote to these problems. According to historian Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, respectability politics was conceived of by black Baptist women and eventually spread beyond them to large swaths of black communities.

They would not appear silly, playful, or unserious. This would eventually earn them respect, favor, and full citizenship among the whites who both feared them and who controlled most aspects of society.

Needless to say that this strategy was only partially successful; indeed, particularly during the nadir of black life—the time during and after the instantiation of the black codes that saw the rise of white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and lynchings—being respectable and successful just might have made one the target of hate.

But the history above is just one side of the history. Just as slavery apologists were framing fictional portrayals of blacks at play, enslavers were cracking down on certain types of dance, music, and celebration, as they recognized their transgressive possibilities.

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Black folk have spent centuries defying rules and expectations about how to express joy, sadness, and laughter. They reinvented how to play. Graywolf Press, This phrase from Joshua 9: He proclaims that they will be forever held in bondage to the Israelites for their sins.Glass Heating Glass is used for decorative, architectural and even structural purposes.

Modern methods like annealing and heating glass increase strength preventing it from cracking. Cracking the Glass Essay.

Cracking the Glass Essay.

Cracking the glass essay

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A Reflection. Marshall Bryant.

TSL ESOL Cultural Diversity. Dr. Crevecouer-Bryant. This is during a time when the Islamic Republic is cracking down on the woman’s position in society.

Ann Morrison describes the problem: the glass ceiling is a barrier "so subtle that it is transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women from moving up the corporate hierarchy." From their vantage point on the corporate ladder, women can see the high-level corporate positions but are kept from "reaching the top" (Breaking the Glass Ceiling).

Cracking the glass essay

Cracking the AP English Language and Composition Exam, Edition by Princeton Review, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The glass (or in this case, plastic) itself might be fatter, or the display might necessitate an extra enclosure securing it. In Apple’s iPhone 6 designs, the glass has become a near-artistic.

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