Modge podge projects

It is only available in a gloss finish. It can be used to decoupage and seal decorations onto glass, ceramic, and metal pieces.

Modge podge projects

Most kids love looking at pictures of themselves and their family. My one year old Scarlett is vain and demands to see pictures of herself on my phone constantly.

It took a good bit of time and patience so be prepared for that before you dive in. Use a book with less pages. Mine was 30 total pages including cover and back which ended up being a little much.

Modge podge projects

When you are picking a board book at the thrift store, or on amazon, look for something with 14 total pages or less. It took me a full day to do this project, working off and on.

You have to dry each page individually open or the crease in the spine will stick together so I pretty much visited this project every 30 minutes all day long, doing a new page then walking away.

Modpodge, Foam paint brush, scissors, Pictures I printed on to cardstock and white acrylic paint optional, see step 5 below for details. Design your pictures and captions in the computer. If you do not already have a way you like to do this then please go to my Add Text to Pictures POST for instructions using power point or picmonkey.

Print out your pictures and captions onto light weight cardstock. Cut out your pictures. While paint is drying pour yourself some wine and drink. I like this Chile Cabernet from Trader Joes 3. My other fave for 3. Layout the first page how you want it, cut the corners to be round if your board book is round… which most are.

Then put on a thin layer of modpodge and place cardstock down. Let dry about 10min and place scissors or something to separate pages so no dripping or rub off occurs. Again… drink more wine.

Dont try to cheat, you will regret it, trust me I tried. This way the sponge or brush does not dry out.

Next smooth a layer of modpodge over the top of the picture and the edges so it fully covers the cardstock and make sure that the edges barely have any on them. Go over edges with a paper towel if you need to, this will save the pages from sticking together in the long run. Let this dry at least 15min.

Do the above process until all of your pages are finished. I had 30 total pages to do, so ummm it took me some time 7. When you are finished you might run into these issues: The pages will still be slight tacky and the book will not lay flat.

The book was easy to get to lay flat, I just put tissues in between the pages, closed it and put hand weights on top after one night it was flat and fine. But if you are like me and went too thick with the modpodge then you can spray on clear gloss over the pages and AGAIN let them dry.Find craft glue and adhesives online at JOANN's.

Shop craft glue, glue guns and glue sticks, and craft finishes from top brands like Mod Podge, Elmer's, and more. View videos here that will teach you how to create amazing craft projects, using Mod Podge. Dec 05,  · In this video, Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza will show you how to transfer any color, or black/white, photo onto a craft surface using Mod Podge photo tra.

Buy Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (2-Ounce), CS Clear: Cutlery & Knife Accessories Using the right tools makes Mod Podge projects easier, more professional and fun to create. Project Uses Perfect for home and holiday decor, gifts, seasonal projects, kid’s parties and more.

/5(). Mod podge is one of the most popular brands of decoupage craft supplies on the market. Mod podge is glue-type sealer that can attach paper and fabric to different types of surfaces.

It is used to make numerous DIY crafts and gifts. If you need mod podge inspiration then you’ve come to the. Get over projects - all the Mod Podge crafts you'll ever need! If you have never used it before or used it for years, you'll find something here.

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